School Life

A Place To Be Yourself

The Abbie Way

A Focused Gentle Approach

School Life

The culture of Abbie is fun and relaxed. We're not your typical autism school. We track and reward, positive behavior. We also offer ways for our students to interact and bond through fun activities like sending each other Valentine’s Day Candy Grams, Cookies and Cocoa pajama day and participating in Special Olympics. Abbie School is a loving and accepting community where students have the opportunity to create and grow meaningful friendships.

Class Size

Our core academic subjects enjoy a maximum 8:1 student staff ratio. Small classes allow students to have a rich classroom experience, benefit from differentiated instruction, and receive the personal assistance they need to be successful, a critical feature of an elite autism school.


Abbie School students have the choice of a rich offering of electives including art, photography, orchestra, student council and STEAM Fridays. Abbie School students learn to express themselves artistically, read music, lead, volunteer, and use science, technology and engineering to guide critical thinking. They develop life-enriching hobbies and acquire life skills that will help ensure self-sufficiency and independence.


The Abbie School also provides students with development opportunities through Transition to Work partnerships. The University of Arizona Sonoran Center for Excellence in Disabilities offers Abbie School students a Transition-to-Work Program; a unique, business-led, one-year employment preparation program that takes place entirely at the workplace. We also partner with Workability, a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching and preparing people with disabilities for sustainable work opportunities in southern Arizona. These valuable partnerships assist students prepare for employment.

Our Campus

Our Lower School is located on 4 pastoral acres just south of the Park Place Mall. The residential scale and quiet of the campus, allows our students to lower their defenses and embrace their education. There is a feeling of freedom, openness and connection to nature that is healing for all children, but particularly beneficial for those who are sensory sensitive.

Our High School campus is located located on 12 acres in the heart of Tucson in the Broadway-Wilmot area. The campus features a unique learning environs which includes a horticultural, farm-like atmosphere complete with a garden, goats and chickens, as well as expansive recreational space with basketball courts, soccer field, and baseball area. 

Abbie Curriculum

We Make Learning Fun

We have found that the door to learning, is opened by reducing a student’s anxiety. Abbie’s focus is on the whole child, giving equal value to academic work as well as to honing the skills necessary to be successful in relationships and in life.
Our school teaching methodology is based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). We incorporate ABA practices and a Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support System (PBIS) into our entire curriculum.
At Abbie School, each child has access to an iPad or other electronic device to make learning fun and encourage technology skills. All of our staff is fully trained in QBS Safety Care (R) crisis prevention and safe crisis management. 

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