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The Abbie Advantage

The Autism School Tucson Needs

Special Needs
Most of our students have a diagnosis of Autism, ADHD, Learning Disability, OHI, or other Sensory Processing Disorders. An Abbie education offers flexibility, specialized instruction, and what you and I both want, to be loved, valued and accepted for who we are.
Individualized Learning
Every student has an Individualized Education Program (IEP), prepared by a specialist that is reviewed annually. At Abbie, we work to prepare students for what comes next, whether that is a return to public school, preparation for college, or career.
Small Classes
The Abbie School maintains a maximum 8:1 student staff ratio. Small classes allow students to have a rich classroom experience, benefit from differentiated instruction, and obtain the assistance they need to be successful. We feel this is critical to be successful.
Life Skills
Abbie School's focus is giving equal value to academic work as well as to honing the social skills necessary to be successful. An Abbie education offers flexibility and specialized instruction with an array of electives and life skills to help ensure self-sufficiency, and independence.


Core Elective & Life Skills

Core Classes

All students are taught the standard classes of Science, Math, and English.



Students can explore classes like Music, Photography, and Home Economics.


Life Skills

Our teachers are committed to creating a foundation for social growth.


The Abbie Mission

Our mission is to provide children with individual academic needs, an education worthy of their potential. We provide a specialized education based on innovative and research-proven techniques in a sensory sensitive and accepting environment. We endeavor to maximize potential and build confidence by drawing on strengths, interests, and by giving students the opportunity to be valued for their individuality.


How Parents Feel

Meet Our Staff

Passionate Leaders

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Ways to Give

Building For Our Future

Since our buildings are over 60 years old, we are in need of capital improvements. Your funding will help make our campus a safer, more accessible place for future Abbie Scholars.


Tax Credit Scholarships

Your private school tax credit contribution will allow us to educate even more children in need.



Children with disabilities are full of gifts, just waiting to be cultivated.


Our Board of Directors

The Arizona Center for Autism (dba Abbie School) is a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization founded in 2013, and is vested with a fiduciary responsibility to set policy, fiscal and ongoing governance of the Corporation, and empower its Executive Director / Principal with the ability to carry out that responsibility.



School Board Members

Thomas Trondsdal, President

Doug Loftus, Treasurer, Secretary

Jill McCollum, Director

Luis Cordova, Director

Dave Overstreet, Director

LuisFernando Rodriguez, Director

To contact board members or apply for board membership, please contact  [email protected]