Tuition and Financial Aid

Abbie is a private, tuition based school.  Tuition for the 2018-2019 school year is $22,000*.  

In the state of Arizona, there are numerous ways to fund a private school education.  Most students attend Abbie on either full, or partial scholarship and Abbie staff members, are available to council and educate families on funding and how to obtain it.

Several funding options are determined by the primary diagnosis on your child’s IEP.  The primary diagnosis is often found on the first page of the IEP.  These options, typically require a current IEP, MET or 504 plan, and often stipulate that a student has spent the first 90 or 100 days of the current or previous school year in a public or charter school or, has a certain progression of scholarships.  If you are uncertain about what scholarships you qualify for, we will be happy to help you investigate your options.

For children with an Autism diagnosis, we recommend families apply for an Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA).  ESA funding is through the Arizona Department of Education, and is the most secure, reliable, funding option available.  The department of education will examine the front page of the IEP/MET and will use the primary and secondary diagnosis to weight funding.  Students with an autism diagnosis on their IEP, typically receive enough to fully fund their tuition.  Students with a different diagnosis, are still eligible for an ESA account, but may or may not be fully funded.  Families that opt for the ESA must fund the balance of their tuition, privately, should the funding be below the stated tuition.  ESA accounts are funded quarterly, and applications taken year round.  To learn more, and to apply, please visit,

If a child does not have Autism on their IEP, a fully funded education is still possible.  Families frequently pay their child’s tuition by creating a patchwork of funding from a variety of scholarships.  Abbie hosts regular funding workshops for current and incoming families.

*Dependent on program

Below is a summary of available scholarships that your child may qualify for.

Low Income corporate Funding

Families whose gross income is 185% of the federal free and reduced lunch program or in 2016-2017, $83,167 for a family of four, may qualify for corporate funds.  The financial threshold varies dependent on family size.

Lexi’s Law/ Disabled-Displaced

A tax credit based scholarship, that provides funds according to your child’s diagnosis.

School Based Scholarships

Abbie is able to offer limited scholarships to eligible families. To apply for funding, please fully complete the Financial Aide portion of your online application.





Individual tax credits (Original and Switcher/Plus)

In Arizona you can raise your own tuition.  Friends, family, and acquaintances, will all give tax credits to support your child or your child’s school, if only you ask them.  This is a redirection of tax liability and is completely free for the donor.  Donors can give anytime up until they file their taxes, as long as its by April 15th.

For every dollar given (up to $2213 for a married couple filing jointly in 2018), a dollar of tax liability is offset.  Tax payers can even give liability they have already paid in withholding.  Abbie expects all families, staff and board members who pay state taxes to contribute their tax dollars back to the school, and ask those they know to do the same.  Tax credits benefit all students by helping us build our scholarship pool and assist more families.