In 2013 a group of dedicated parents embarked upon a quest. Their mission: to create a school that would serve their children in a way that public schools had been unable. In January of 2014, the Abbie School opened its doors, creating school choice and new opportunities for children with special needs. 

I was fortunate to be one of those dedicated parents. My daughter has autism. All else had failed and I was desperate to create a place for her. If you are reading this, chances are you know just how I felt. Not being able to meet your child’s needs is the worst feeling in the world.   

My daughter needs a small, peaceful environment, flexibility, specialized instruction, and what you and I both want, to be loved, valued and accepted for who we are. This, she has found at Abbie School, as well as something we never dared to wish for…friends. 

Every year at Abbie, I see incredible personal growth.  She began as a child, who couldn’t sit through class, and has grown into one who always does her homework, participates and comes prepared.  At home she cooks, does chores, and plans activities. She has become a leader, and a self advocate, all things I never thought were possible.  She is amazing, and I am so grateful for Abbie and the amazing teachers who have done so much for her.

Are you are looking for a caring community that can support and accommodate your child?  Do you dream of a place where your child could grow and thrive?  At Abbie, we strive to help each student reach their highest potential, both academically, socially and emotionally.  We are dedicated to helping our students lead fulfilling, and successful lives.

If you are curious about Abbie School and wonder what opportunities might be available for your child, please set up a time to tour our campus and visit with us.  Abbie was founded by parents who felt there was a better way for their children. If this hope lives in your heart, we look forward to welcoming you.


Jennifer Moore, Abbie School Board of Directors