The Abbie School (Abbie) is a private school serving students grades 1st-12th.

We have found that the door to learning, is opened by reducing a student’s anxiety. Abbie’s focus is on the whole child, giving equal value to academic work as well as to honing the skills necessary to be successful in relationships and in life. Our students have the opportunity to develop genuine friendships, and be members of a dynamic, accepting community. At Abbie, we work to prepare students for what comes next, whether that is a return to public school, preparation for college or career.


Our mission is to provide children with individual academic needs an education worthy of their potential. We provide a specialized education based on innovative and research-proven techniques in a sensory sensitive, and accepting environment. We endeavor to maximize potential and build confidence by drawing on strengths, interests, and by giving students the opportunity to be valued for their individuality.


Students we serve

We are a community of diverse learners. Most of our students have a diagnosis of Autism, ADHD, Learning Disability, OHI, Sensory Processing Disorder or similar.

A small number of our students are aide dependent, while others are more proficient socially, but are low academic; yet another group, are academically gifted.

Our students thrive in our small, peaceful environment. An Abbie education offers flexibility, specialized instruction, and what you and I both want, to be loved, valued and accepted for who we are.

Class Size

Our core academic subjects enjoy a maximum 8:1 student teacher ratio. Small classes allow students to have a rich classroom experience, benefit from differentiated instruction, and obtain the assistance they need to be successful.

School Life

The culture of the school is fun and relaxed. We track and reward, positive behavior through a points system, which allows students to earn both prizes and experiences.
Additionally, we offer ways for our students to come together and experience rites of childhood through campus sleepovers, and spirit nights. Abbie is a loving and accepting community where students have the opportunity to grow and create real and lasting friendships.


Abbie students have the choice of a rich offering of electives: art, photography, drama, orchestra, student council and home economics. Abbie Students learn to express themselves artistically, read music, perform in front of others, lead, volunteer, cook and sew. They develop life-enriching hobbies and acquire life skills that will help ensure self-sufficiency and independence.

Social Skills and Emotional Development

Each morning, students develop social skills, and focus on motor planning though our PE program. Small group social skills instruction is provided during the week.

Our Special Education Certified (California), Intervention specialist is on hand to provide individualized instruction, a quiet cool down space, and redirection.

Our Campus

Abbie is located on 4 pastoral acres behind Park Place Mall. The residential scale and quiet of the campus, allows our students to lower their defenses and embrace their education. There is a feeling of freedom, openness and connection to nature that is healing for all children, but particularly beneficial for those who are sensory sensitive.