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The Abbie School

The Abbie School fosters wonder, study, and discovery in an atmosphere of inclusion, respect and kindness. Children with learning disabilities as well as gifted and accelerated students excel in our unique family environment. We are a school dedicated to the idea that to love one’s own life is the most valuable accomplishment and our bully-free environment allows just that, a safe place to be yourself.

We are proud to offer small class sizes – no more than 10 students – as this affords us the ability to individually work with students to learn their personality. We are able to modify the learning style and the learning environment to meet their individualized needs. We understand that what works for one student may not necessarily work for another and we honor that.

Our school carries on the legacy of the Abbie Loveland Tuller School both in location and the approach to our education. Our environment is a 7 ½ acre campus, rural and natural, snuggled in a residential setting that has been serving children for over 50 years. The Abbie School also continues to practice the Tuller Method, an individualized learning method, in our everyday curriculum.

If you are interested in learning more about our program and admissions process please call (520) 300-6103 or email

If you are a loving angel donor for our 501c(3)organization, The Arizona Center for Autism, please contact and see our website at Arizona Center for Autism 

The ABBIE School – “a Place to Be Yourself”

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Abbie’s Spring Festival – 2014!

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Teachers at Abbie, a Private School in Tucson, Take Their Brains to the Gym?

Teachers at Abbie, a Private School in Tucson, Take Their Brains to the Gym?

Brain Gym is a program developed by educator Paul E. Dennison, Ph.D. Some of the teachers at Abbie have chosen this program as part of fulfilling their yearly continuing education requirements for teacher certification. Research has shown that exercise improves...   [More]
The First Day of School – 5 Things You Should Know

The First Day of School – 5 Things You Should Know

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