Summer of Exploration 2017

Abbie is excited to offer a literary inspired, project based summer program, for students entering grades 2nd-10th.  Our summer series is designed to advance academic skills while fostering friendships in an easy, accepting environment.  Our summer of exploration has elements of our year round program; PE, games and social skills, with an extra dose of fun for summer.  Students will spend the summer creating fun, hands-on projects that will also improve reading, comprehension, writing and math skills.  There will be weekly cooking, and group projects as well as individualized plans.   Abbie is excited to offer a summer of hands-on STEM exploration for students in the Tucson community.  Half and full day options provide the ultimate in flexibility.

Week 1: June 5-9: Dream Big

What would you be if you could be anything? Let your imagination soar and creativity run wild, and create a new version of yourself. What will you choose?  Inspired by, “Just Imagine” by Nick Sharratt and Pippa Goodhart

Week 2: June 12-16: Inventions

Dive into the world of inventions.  Discover the history behind real world inventions and create a new invention that will help you in your journey through life.  Inspired by, “The Story of Inventions” by Anna Claybourne and Adam Larkum

Week 3: June 19-23: Marine Adventures

Explore the depths of the sea and strike out on a marine adventure.  Students will research sea animals and discover the many secrets the ocean holds.  Inspired by, “Under the Sea” by Fiona Patchett

Week 4: June 26-30: Space Camp

Are you ready for Astronaut Academy?  Discover what it takes to become an Astronaut and the trials and tribulations of being in space.  Are you cut out to defy gravity?  Inspired by, “Astronaut Academy” by Steve Martin

Week 5: July 5-7: Spy Kids

Calling all spies!  Are you ready to join our top secret, super spy school?  Time to put on your detective hat. There are codes waiting to be cracked, disguises ready to be created and mysteries waiting to be solved. Inspired by, “Spy Science” by Jim Wiese

Week 6: July 10-14: Design a Community

Dear Future Architects, what will you create?  Put your architecture skills into action and design a community that includes places for people to live, play and eat.  Inspired by, “The Future Architects Handbook” by Barbara Beck

Daily Schedule





Morning Session: 8:30-12:30pm:  $200 per week (Spy Kids will be $100. due to the July 4th holiday)

Afternoon Session: 12:30-4:00pm: $100 per week (Spy Kids will be $50. due to the July 4th holiday).

Serving Students entering grades 2nd-10th

ESA Approved Summer School

To register, contact Abbie School: 300-6103.