Summer of Exploration 2018

Abbie is excited to offer a literary inspired, project based summer program, for students entering grades 2nd-10th.  Our summer series is designed to advance academic skills while fostering friendships in an easy, accepting environment.  Our summer of exploration has elements of our year round program; PE, games and social skills, with an extra dose of fun for summer.  Students will spend the summer creating fun, hands-on projects that will also improve reading, comprehension, writing and math skills.  There will be cooking, coding, and group projects as well as individualized plans.   Abbie is excited to offer an inclusive summer of hands-on STEM exploration for students in the Tucson community.  Full day options may be available by request.

Week 1: June 4-8: Space Camp

Are you ready for Astronaut Academy?  Discover what it takes to become an Astronaut and the trials and tribulations of being in space. Discover planets, stars and even create your own galaxy. Are you cut out to defy gravity?  Inspired by- “Astronaut Academy” by Steve Martin

Dig into the past and discover a world of prehistoric animals. Develop a hypothesis on why dinosaurs have become extinct and come up with solutions on how they could have survived. Do dinosaurs inhabit the earth today? Come find out!  Inspired by “Dinosaurs” by DK

Week 3: June 18-22: Design a Community

Dear Future Architects, what will you create?  Put your architecture skills into action and design a community that includes places for people to live, play and eat.  Inspired by- “Make Buildings” by Sara Hurst and Charlotte Farmer

Tinker, create, and explore life as an engineer. Mechanical, Aerospace, Robotics, Energy, Alternative or Materials, a world of hands on fun awaits. Inspired by- “Engineer Academy” by Steve Martin


Hours: 8:30-12:30

Cost: $225 per week

Serving Students entering grades 2nd-10th

ESA Approved Summer School

To register, contact Abbie School: 300-6103.