Join us at the Autism Walk

If you have a close connection to a child with Autism, chances are, you have experienced some, or all, of what I’m about to share. You know what its like to fight for services and therapies, and feel like your child’s entire future hangs in the balance. You have sent your child to school and held your breath, fearing they wouldn’t behave in a way that was accepted, wouldn’t get the educational support they need, would be picked on, or cast out. You’ve probably gotten odd looks at the store, and judgment from people that think they could, or would, do it better than you. You have experienced incredible joy when your child accomplishes a task that no other parent would even take notice of, but for your child is a monumental victory. Perhaps more than anything, you will be familiar with the isolation this life can bring.

For many of these reasons, we started the Abbie School. For the same reasons, we are joining with others in the Tucson community. On April 1st, we will be walking to benefit the Autism Society of Southern Arizona, and their mission of “Improving the Lives of all Affected by Autism” through Advocacy, Education, Support, Services and Research. If you are closely connected to a child with Autism, or a similar disability, it is paramount that we link arms and help support and advocate for one another. If you are not, your participation is just as critical. This can be a very tough journey, and we need you. Please consider making a donation to our walk team and consider coming out on walk day to join us. We treasure your support.