Our school home was once The Merriweather Ranch, a working dude ranch dating to the early 1900’s. The Ranch was purchased in 1955 by Mother Abbie and the Order of the Teachers of the Children of God, Episcopalian nuns, who went on to educate generations of Tucsonans. Tuller had a rich history, and evolved from a boarding school and college, into a day school. Tuller closed its doors in December of 2013, after nearly 60 years of operation.

Abbie School was started by a group of dedicated parents, desperate for good educational options for their children. Abbie opened their doors in January of 2014, just nine weeks after learning that the Abbie Loveland Tuller School, where their children attended, was closing mid-year. One of the parents, Juan Yanez, held a 501c3, The Arizona Center for Autism. A new Board of Directors and administration was formed, Abbie School was created, teachers were hired and the campus was retained. Abbie School maintains Tuller’s nurturing community while working out its own mission to create a place of excellence and opportunity for students with individual needs.