Give a Scholarship this Holiday

Tax credits are free to give, and make an immediate impact in the lives of children that desperately need your support.  Tax credits offset your state tax liability, dollar for dollar.  It’s basically a redirection of the tax dollars you already owe, or have already paid in withholding.

In the 2018 tax year, a married couple can give up to $2213. and a single filer up to $1107. Credits can be given in the name of a specific child or in the name of the school, and used to fund scholarships for those with the greatest need.  Tax credits can be given right up until the time you file, as long as its by April 15th.

At Abbie, all our students qualify for IEP or 504 plans, meaning they are all non traditional learners with more extensive educational needs.  Students with an Autism diagnosis are typically easy to fund, but funding students with a different diagnosis, can be a challenge.  These families often struggle to provide for their child’s needs, sometimes putting an Abbie education, and help, out of reach.  When you make a tax credit contribution toward Abbie School, these are the lives that you change.

Our families are already under stress. We try to help them meet their child’s needs without excessive financial burden.  When you give your individual or corporate tax credit to Abbie, we are able to fund scholarships for students who would otherwise be unable to attend.  The more money we raise in tax credits, the more students we can help.  Please consider giving your tax credit to Abbie School.