Give a Scholarship this Holiday

Tax credits are free to give, and make an immediate impact in the lives of children that desperately need your support.  Tax credits offset your state tax liability, dollar for dollar.  It’s basically a redirection of the tax dollars you already owe, or have already paid in withholding. In the 2018 tax year, a married […]

Exploring Enrollment

  Wondering about your child’s educational options?  At Abbie we look at the whole child, from academics, to social, emotional and behavioral skills. While we work to develop these skills; we also work to nurture and uncover gifts, passions and strengths. Our goal is to prepare students academically and in life. The best way to […]

Abbie in the News

We were thrilled to be chosen by KVOA to highlight educational options for students with autism and other special needs. Click the link to watch the short clip and see Abbie in action. Abbie is making a difference for kids who have Autism